Paul Manning has worked in the industry as a contractual artist specializing in a list of services that are various and ever-growing. Caricature, face painting, body painting, cartooning, illustration, life drawing, portraits, graphic art, anime, fine art (drawing/painting/sculpture), murals, graphic, design, fashion design, story-boarding and animation are among a few of his provided services.



The worth of a personalized gift is immeasurable. Caricature work allows a subject to see how the world purveys them and as an artist is is his or her inherent duty to to show sensitivity to that dynamic. What makes caricature art so unique is it's ability to connect, uplift, and bring humor to almost anyone and ultimately any experience. Such clients as State Farm, Metro PCS, Castor & Pollock and the Baltimore Oriole's; Paul's ability has been industry tested, proven, and approved.

Face Painting and Body Art


Paul's face painting and body art is just as formidable as any of his other skills. He prides himself on his steady hand, creativity, and overall skill set. Expect crisp lines, intricate designs, and an acute knowledge of kid's pop culture including: current; cartoon, animated movie, comic and video game icons. He creates beautiful designs that accentuate the features of body by utilizing  painting effects that range from trompe l'oeil to graphic art.



Personalize your space with commissioned mural art; whose only bounds are your imagination!!! Choose between fine art, illustrative or graphic styled murals on your walls, floors or other surfaces


Illustrative art for any project. Services include; yet are not limited to: storyboards, children's books, fashion design, graphic novels and splash pages