Our Story

Paul Manning created P2Z Artistry & Supplier LLC in 2016; with the hopes of pursuing visual arts, professionally full-time. He has worked in the industry as a contractual artist specializing in a list of services that is various and ever-growing. Caricature, face painting, body painting, cartooning, illustration, life drawing, portraits, graphic art, anime, fine art (drawing/painting/sculpture), murals, graphic, design, fashion design, story-boarding and animation are among a few of his provided services.

Some of the specialized events include: wedding receptions, parties, anniversaries, store opening, corporate events, family reunions, church outreach initiatives, marketing promotions, trade shows, expos, professional sporting events, bah mitzvahs, quinceaneras, seminars, educational classes, private lessons and even night-life events.

Although P2Z was established in 2016, Paul Manning has been making your events special since as far back as 2011! Remember, if you're seeking a talented creative talent for your next event or project; we've got everything over from 'P to Z'!!!!